Rams Select Donnie Avery With The 33rd Pick


The St. Louis Rams selected Chris Avery WR – Houston University with the 33rd overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. This was a shocking picking by many. When the Rams picked at #33 EVERY WR was still on the board. Chris Avery a speed burner from Houston was not considered to be in the top 10 receivers in the draft. Considering we need an offensive lineman still and every WR was still on the board I believe pick #33 would have been probably better served by selecting a lineman and shooting for a WR in round 3. The Rams had Avery in as part of the 30 players invited to Rams Park a couple of weeks ago so it is not completely surprising but @ #33 this seems to be way to early. They picked Long over Dorsey I believe mostly based on him being a safer choice. Then at 33 when they could have picked Devon Thomas or Malcolm Kelly the safer choice or DeSean Jackson the speed burner return man from California. Jackson seems to be a perfect fit for Al Saunders. Only time will tell with this pick. For now I see it as a reach.

See Donnie in action: