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St. Louis Rams Go From Worst To First


No, Stlvinnie is not drinking the Kool-Aid, we are just reading a new article on Fox Sports by Peter Schrager. The article 15 burning questions (and answers) for NFL offseason includes some interesting information under #3.

"3. Which team has the best chance of going from worst to first in its division?Since the NFL realigned its divisions in 2002, at least one team every season has jumped from last place to first in its division from one year to the next. It was Chiefs in ’03; the Falcons and Chargers in ’04; the Bears and Buccaneers in ’05; the Saints in ’06; and the Buccaneers in ’07.The team to watch in ’08? The St. Louis Rams.I know, I know, we’ve all fallen for the Rams before. But this year, St. Louis is truly a legitimate darkhorse. Banged up by injuries all of last season, St. Louis should be healthy and much improved come the start of the 2008 campaign. Chris Long adds a demon on the end, and Marc Bulger, Orlando Pace, and Steven Jackson are all back on the offensive side of the ball. Seattle should be strong and Arizona is a wild card, but St. Louis could be the squad to watch in the NFC West."

As you can see in the last 5 seasons, 7 teams have went from worst one season, to first place the next season. Just like the Philadelphia Flyers 2008 playoff Matto “Why Not Us“, St. Louis Rams fans should also be saying why not us. Peter does make some good points and the NFC West should once again be up for grabs. The Seahawks are ageing, and dumped Shaun Alexander. The Arizona Cardinals, well are the Cardinals and still can’t even decide on a QB between the church driven Kurt Warner or beer driven, partying Matt Leinart. The San Francisco 49ers added x-Rams Isaac Bruce and Mike Martz, but they still have major holes. “Why Not Us”?