2009 NFL Draft Order


The 2009 NFL Draft Order has been set for all of the teams that missed the 2008 NFL Playoffs. The St. Louis Rams locked up the #2 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. First the Rams will need to hire a new head coach, evaluate current players and decide which of their free agents they need to resign, and sign other teams free agents as well. After all of that they will be ready for the 2009 NFL draft. However as fans we are already focused on the draft and everyone is already analyzing those players. Please note teams ranked 16 through 32 will change as the playoffs progress.

RankingTeamWonLossTieOpponents W-L %
1.Detroit Lions01600.551
2.St. Louis Rams21400.529
3.Kansas City Chiefs21400.537
4.Seattle Seahawks41200.498
5.Cleveland Browns41200.572
6.Cincinnati Bengals41110.553
7.Oakland Raiders51100.52
8.Jacksonville Jaguars51100.533
9.Green Bay Packers61000.496
10.San Francisco 49’ers7900.447
11.Buffalo Bills7900.453
12.Denver Broncos8800.457
13.Washington Redskins8800.479
14.New Orleans Saints8800.492
15.Houston Texans8800.514
*16.San Diego Chargers8800.516
*17.New York Jets9700.471
*18.Chicago Bears9610.475
*19.Tampa Bay Buccaneers9700.477
*20.Detroit Lions (f/DAL)9700.498
*21.Arizona Cardinals9700.486
*22.Philadelphia Eagles9700.51
*23.Minnesota Vikings10600.496
*24.New England Patriots11500.48
*25.Atlanta Falcons11500.455
*26.Miami Dolphins11500.461
*27.Baltimore Ravens11500.521
*28.Philadelphia Eagles (f/CAR)12400.484
*29.Indianapolis Colts12400.494
*30.Pittsburgh Steelers12400.525
*31.New York Giants12400.502
*32.Tennessee Titans13300.455

* = To Be Determined by Playoff Results