NFL Playoff Predictions


Every week I will make my NFL GameDay predictions. We would love it if you share your opinions, or your own predictions in the comment area of our Fan-Sided forum area. All picks will be straight-up, not against the spread. Last week was our best week of the year going 14-2. We are doing pretty good so far going 162-93-1 (63%). My NFL Playoff Predictions for this week are below. Good Luck to you.

This week my upset special is a no-brainer. I will be selecting the Arizona Cardinals over the Atlanta Falcons. Most everyone thinks the Falcons will run all over the Cardinals. Sure the Cardinals only won 2 of their final 6 games. However during that streak the Cardinals still averaged 23 points a game, and in their last game Kurt Warner threw 4 TDs. I like this game a lot. Kurt Warner is the experienced verteran against the young rookie QB Matt Ryan. Sure the Falcons can run the ball but the Cardinals can throw it with the best of them. The Cardinals Fitzgerald, Boldin and Breston all had over 1000 yards receiving. This will be the Arizona Cardinals first home Playoff game and it will show. Adrian Wilson is a great safety and the Cardinals will be playing with a ton of emotion. I look for the Cardinals to put up enough points today to hold off the Falcons.

In other games I like San Diego over the Colts, Miami over Baltimore, and the Eagles over the Vikings.

What are your thoughts? Who do you think will come up large this week?

Arizona Cardinals

San Diego Chargers

Miami Dolphins

Philadelphia Eagles

Last Week 14 -2

Year to Date 162 – 93 – 1