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Adam Schefter Says Frazier Is The Man


Adam Schefter of NFL Network says the leader for the St. Louis Rams Head Coaching opening is considered to be Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. Who knows what is really going on at this point. Adam says the Rams would like to have a coach by Saturday. if that is true then Rex Ryan must be out of the running.

This morning on The Morning After on ESPN 1380 I heard Chris Mortensen say he believes the position is between Jason Garrett and Rex Ryan.

This afternoon I heard Howard Balzer say he believes it will not be Steve Spagnuolo because he wants control over player personell decisions. Since Spagnuolo would probably also cost aout 4 million a year the Rams may go in a different direction based on that reason as well.

Tonight Peter King says the Rams first choice is Spagnuolo

At this point who really knows. Note that the experts are all picking different people, so who do you think knows? Nobody. If we do not hear anything through Sunday than it is possible that Rex Ryan is in the lead. However Ryan is use to running a 3-4 and the Rams do not have the personnel to run that defense at all.

So we just have to wait………..