Our 2009 Under Armour Senior Bowl Thoughts


The South beat the North 35-18 Saturday in the 2009 Under Armour Senior Bowl in Mobile Alabama. The MVP of the game was Pat White from West Virginia who was only 4 of 10 passing for 95 yards and 1 TD. Here are a few of our thoughts after watching the game:

  • The QB class in the 2009 NFL Draft appears to be very weak. I see why Mark Sanchez from USC is going to come out. Graham Harrell from Texas Tech was just awful in this game and I can’t believe a team would even draft him after this display and how he has looked in the Senior Bowl 2-a-days. John Parker Wilson from Alabama was definately the best QB from the Senior Bowl but that is not saying too much. John has an ok arm and is quick on his feet but did he really need to do much with the running game and defense that Alabama has? He would fit in good with a team like the Ravens but there are not many teams out there like the Ravens.
  • Michael Oher was a disappointment during practice all week and in this game.  Oher looked “ok” on pass blocking but he is far from dominating and is very inconsistent. After what I have seen this week Oher is not worthy of the St. Louis Rams #2 draft pick. Devaney stayed away from character issues in the 2008 NFL Draft so I do not believe the Rams will take Oher, especially not at #2. Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe are better bets at this time.
  • Are the USC linebackers good, or good as a unit? Rey Maualuga, Brian Cushing, and Clay Mathews combined for 4 solo tackles, an assist, and a forced fumble but for the most part were no factor in the game. When teams are as loaded as USC I alwas wonder if the players are as great as they look if they were individuals playing elsewhere.
  • Juaquin Iglesias, Patrick Turner, Brian Robiskie, and Derrick Williams are smooth receivers with good hands but they are not in the same class as Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin, or Percy Harvin.
  • I would never draft a DT in the first round of the draft. B.J. Raji who was dominate all week was shutdown by the South offensive line. DTs make 1 or 2 tackles per game. You must get more value than that for a first round draft pick especailly if you team needs a lot of help.
  • There are a lot of solid running backs in the upcoming draft and the Rams could use a solid backup for Steven Jackson. Andre Brown from North Carolina State looked very good in this game and I still like Rashad Jennings from Liberty.
  • Our Center prospects Alex Mack from California and Max Unger from Oregon rotated between Center and Guard during the game. Both can get down field and block at the second level. Eric Wood from Louisville also played for the South and played Guard the entire game. He pulls very well and looks quick. Any of these 3 could possibly be drafted by the Rams in the second round.
  • We will finish with what has happened to Mizzou? Chase Daniel went from a possible Heisman candidate to a QB that will probably not be drafted. Now Saturday after a bad week in practice William Moore left with a bad ankle in the 1st Quarter after missing a couple of tackles. On the inside Ziggy Hood was a non-factor throughout the game at DT.