Will You Win A Super Bowl Square?


Today is a great day for all football fans, the day of a Superbowl. Parties will be going on all around the country. As part of these parties many people will be buying and playing SuperBowl Squares. This event is for entertainment purposes only of course. The results below are provided to us by BearGogglesOn the home of our Fansided Blog Network Chicago Bears Blog. The results below do not include the New England Patroits, New York Giants Superbowl from last year. Therefore the square below will show how many times you would have won with those combinations of numbers at the end of the 164 quarters of play. As good as ending scores of 0-0 and 7-0 are they still never win more than 7% of the time. It is very suprising to see through 41 Superbowls 44 of the combinations have never hit! Also the numbers 5 & 8 are killers. So no matter what play for fun and don’t bet the house that you will win a square. Also do not shoot any kickers tomorrow, we have all been there.