St. Louis Rams Select Andre Smith


Well if you go by all of the early mock drafts it does appear the St. Louis Rams will draft left tackle Andre Smith from Alabama. The results below are from and are a combination of the 97 latest mock drafts from 2009. As you can see he is still the clear #1 choice from the experts to the novice. However as you already know we do NOT believe there is any chance of the Rams drafting Andre Smith. I believe the Rams will select Michael Crabtree and I will stay by that at least until after the free agent period. Billy Devaney proved to St. Louis Rams fans last year that the Rams are into character as much as talent when they selected  Donnie Avery from Houston in the 2nd round of the 2008 NFL Draft. Andre Smith was suspended prior to the 2009 Sugar Bowl due to alleged dealings with a sports agent. Smith can absolutely maul while run blocking but his huge size and slow footwork clearly make him a better right tackle to me. You simply do not draft a right tackle with the #2 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

Andre Smith – 52
Michael Crabtree – 15
Eugene Monroe – 13
Michael Oher – 7
Matt Stafford – 4
Malcolm Jenkins – 3
Aaron Curry – 2
Jason Smith – 1