He's Just Not That Into You" I Stlvinnie am once again saying I want the ..."/> He's Just Not That Into You" I Stlvinnie am once again saying I want the ..."/>

He’s Just Not That Into You


So when I say “He’s Just Not That Into You” I Stlvinnie am once again saying I want the St. Louis Rams to stay away from Andre Smith in the 2009 NFL Draft. I don’t believe the Rams can take the chance on someone like Andre Smith. The Rams have to hit thier mark with the #2 pick overall. Chris Long was considered a safe choice last year and he stepped right in and started 16 games, had 40 tackles including 4 sacks. I look for Chris to take a big step forward in 2009. Andre Smith makes me think of Glenn Dorsey and Vernon Gholston from the 2008 NFL Draft. Like Glenn Dorsey I believe Andre Smith will continue to have weight issues which will lead to health problems. In addition I believe Billy Devaney and the Rams will stay away from any character issue players. Andre Smith was suspended from the 2009 Sugar Bowl when he apparently signed with an agent. I am not sure where or if Andre is getting any guidance because he is making some bad decisions. Let’s remember Andre still had his Senior Year left to get in better NFL shape and to learn another whole year under Nick Saban. Now during the 2009 NFL Combine Andre went AWOL after originally showing up. Why? Since Smith is apparently not in great shape and does not want to hurt his draft status he will not work out. However he went to the combine for the offical weigh-in and then was a no-show because he flew back home.  The story is even stranger when you hear that Smith had flown back to Atlanta to work out with his trainer. Are we to believe that he could not work out enough over the past two months to attend the combine but he had to fly out bright and early to get back to work with his trainer. All of this says be afraid, be very afraid. We once again implore the Rams to stay away from drafting Andre Smith. Eugene Monroe who kept last years first round draft pick Brandon Albert from playing Tackle at Virginia is by far a much safer pick and possibly the better player anyway. Monroe is a solid 6’6″ and 315 pounds and played all four years at Virginia. Whatever the Rams decide to do we hope it does not include drafting Smith.