Mark Sanchez Flying From Los Angeles To St. Louis


Attention Rams Fans

Tomorrow is a huge day in St. Louis Rams franchise history. The Rams have the second overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. Who will the Rams pick? Who do you want them to pick? Let me know. With the Lions locking up Matt Stafford there could be a mad dash for Mark Sanchez. The Rams are in the power position now. Seattle is looking hard at Sanchez, will they get him at #4? Will the Jets or Broncos try to move up? One thing is for sure the Rams phone should be ringing off the hook through the night.

" reportsOne thing that could be legit or be a ploy (it is interesting, if nothing else): The Rams, who hold the No. 2 overall pick in the draft, have purchased a plane ticket for USC QB Mark Sanchez to fly from Los Angeles to St. Louis on Sunday, when the team plans to introduce its top selection.The Los Angeles Times reports that Sanchez could go as high as No. 2 to the Rams:There is a growing belief in league circles that the Rams — who already have quarterback Marc Bulger — are taking a serious look at the former Trojans standout. … Sanchez is rapidly becoming the man of the hour, the linchpin player who figures to determine the direction of the draft from the top."

This is a very interesting report. Either way Marc Bulger probably will not sleep well tonight. Could the Rams really make a power move like this, when they need help at so many positions? The Rams can now try to negotiate a deal with any possible player they are interested in. It is possible that the Rams could have someone selected and agreed to a deal prior to tomorrow morning. How crazy would that be. The Seattle Seahawks have to be shaking in their boots about the Rams possibly taking Sanchez. The Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos both have two picks in the first round. The Niners who pick at #10 also want Sanchez. Will the Rams play keep away from the Seahawks and Niners, and then come back and get a player like Eben Britton in the top of the second round? I am very excited about the possibilities. It will be an interesting day on Saturday that is for sure.