Our Draft Day Predictions


Well it is almost time to head over to Russell Athletic Training Center (formerly Rams Park) and watch the 2009 NFL Draft. It should be an exciting day. As much as I would love the Rams to dump Marc Bulger and draft Mark Sanchez I just do not think the Rams will do it. The Rams tend to play it safe, will Steve Spagnuolo bring a new attitude? It will be a long day but barring a trade the Rams will only have two new players at the end of the day. Below are the selections I would like to see. Again this assumes they do not make a play for Sanchez or make any trades.

Round 1 – #2 Overall selection – Jason Smith OT Baylor

Round 2 – #35 Overall selection – James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State

I feel the Rams will play it safe today. Both players fill huge needs. Jason Smith should be a very good tackle and could be down right nasty at RT, if Barron is switching to LT. Laurinaitis would be a great value, remember he has been projected in the top 10 before. The longer he played, and in a down year in the Big 10 he has went unnoticed. We could put him right between Spoon, and Psia and start to shore up the defense.

Player we would love to draft. Other than Mark Sanchez I really like Connor Barwin, DE/OLB, Cincinnati. I think he will be a fabulous player. He is a tweener, he could be a HUGE backer or a small pass rusher. Both things the Rams could use. I don’t think the Rams will go after him but he is someone to watch.