So Far, So Good


The St. Louis Rams have had two days of training camp and so far the news has been very positive. Contract disputes are non-existent and there is not a disgruntled player to be found which is always good news. QB Marc Bulger actually reported 24 hours ahead of schedule in order to get more work in, and I’ve also been hearing great things about newly acquired DL Hollis Thomas. Just a few notes about training camp:

  • It appears Bulger accepts that this is now a run first offense, saying “So, it’s just going to be a matter of finding out what I can do well in this offense. I think we all know 39 (running back Steven Jackson) is going to be the center point of it.
  • Hollis Thomas, in his 14th year of the NFL, is already making a very positive impact on the Rams.  Thomas went undrafted back in 1996 yet he still found a way onto a roster and actually became a full time starter just a year later.  Now, he is trying to pass the same attitude on to all of the Rams younger players considered to have an outside shot at making the team.  Even if Hollis were to be cut tomorrow, he has instilled a certain swagger in the Ram’s younger players.
  • Chris Ogbonnaya is really impressing me so far.  In the first day of practice (Which included rookies, quarterbacks, and selected veterans), Ogbonnaya was the only running back getting reps.  While most rookies may have felt overworked, Ogbonnaya felt it was a terrific opportunity to allow the coaches to really see what he can do, specifically running back coach Slyvester Croom.  Don’t worry, the Rams didn’t run him to death.  Other players stepped in to take an occasional snap to give Chris a breather.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the action out of the Ram’s training camps as the position battles heat up.  Check back often for udpates.