Position Preview: Quarterbacks


This year the St. Louis Rams broke camp with four quarterbacks on their roster. Two are returning Rams (Marc Bulger and Brock Berlin), one is a former first round draft pick brought in through free agency (Kyle Boller), and the final QB is Rams 6th round pick Keith Null. Here is the breakdown for each quarterback:

Marc Bulger: The main man under center for the Rams the last few seasons, Bulger is looking to get his career back on track after two rough seasons. He is in the third year of his six year contract and for the first time in his career he will be without favorite target Torry Holt. The key to Bulger getting back on track is establishing a consistent offensive line that will allow him to become comfortable in the pocket again, thus giving him the pleasure of being able to step into throws much more often.

Brock Berlin: Berlin will be expected to battle it out with Null for the third string QB spot on the roster. Berlin has played sparingly over the last two seasons and has played about as well as a third stringer would be expected to. He possesses nothing spectacular in terms of playmaking ability, but overall he seems to be a dependable guy to have in case of emergency.

Kyle Boller: A Former first round pick, Boller started several games as a member of the Baltimore Ravens from 2003-2008. Last preseason, he suffered an injury that would cost him the entire season, ultimately leading to the emergence of Joe Flacco. Boller is a veteran with plenty of experience that should serve as a solid backup for Bulger.

Keith Null: Null, the Rams 6th round pick, comes from the pass happy school of West Texas A&M where he set records in passing yards, touchdown passes, completion percentage, and total offense. Null could turn out to be a pretty good QB, but he will have to get used to a drastically new offense first. At 6-4, 220, he possesses good size and arm strength and I look forward to seeing him progress over the next few weeks.

Predictions for the upcoming season:

  • Starter- Marc Bulger (The position is his to lose. And its safe to say his play would have to play miserably to lose the job)
  • Backup- Kyle Boller (Lots of experience. Not nearly as much pressure on him now as there was in Baltimore)
  • 3rd String- Keith Null (I believe he will surprise some people and beat out Berlin for the 3rd string position)
  • Hello Practice Squad- Brock Berlin (you know, until QBs start dropping like flies, then he’ll be sure to be picked up from the practice squad by someone else)