Welcome To Camp Spags


Hell week, every high school football player’s nightmare. It is the time where players learn to appreciate a drink of water, a breath of fresh air, and something other than a 300 lb. lineman directly in their face. Now-a-days, it appears all NFL players have to do is stay on the ground a split second longer than normal and immediately they will receive an adequate amount of time to regain their composure.

Not at Camp Spagnuolo.

Steve Spagnuolo is pushing this team to the very edge. He is throwing out high intensity drill after high intensity drill and the Rams are beginning to see who has heart, who can keep play through the pain, and most importantly, who really wants to be there. So far, Joe Klopfenstein (reaction to medication) and Ron Bartell (Dehydration) are the only plays to miss a practice. However, the second those two had enough energy to get back out on the field, that was exactly where they were. Spags is building something special out in St. Louis. He is putting together a team that won’t quit, won’t back down from a challenge, and won’t be intimidated. This training camp is exactly what the Rams needed as they are slowly pulling closer to what their team motto (53 playing as one) states.

For all the Rams hard work, Spags has rewarded them with a shorter, less physical practice on tuesday. Once Tuesday ends though, expect Spags to be right back in the driver’s seat, pushing this team on every single snap of every single drill.