Dull isn’t Always Bad


When you analyze this Rams team off of the field, you will be overcome with a certain lack of excitement or knowledge. Outside of your basic charity event or amateur camp, you really don’t hear too much about the Rams’ players these days.

Some may call it dull, I however like to call it a gift from the football gods.

When you look at this team, you will not find a player currently binded by a sexual harassment charge (sorry Ben, evidence is forming). You will not be able to find a player threatening to sit out a season for more money, a player accused of criminal possession of a handgun, a player with drug charges, or even a player that is doing everything to keep the spotlight on himself. In fact, the most major offense a Rams’ player has committed this year is probably nothing more than a minor speeding ticket. Most people enjoy reading up everyday on any new information regarding scandals involving NFL players, but personally, I enjoy waking up to find that the Rams are not losing any players to jail time.

I’m not saying every player on the team is an angel, but at least they all are able to focus on football this year, which is a tremendous help to a team trying to get back on track after combining for 5 wins over the last two seasons. As long as the team stays healthy and out of trouble, one has to believe this is a team dedicated to turning themselves around and will in fact due so over the next couple seasons.