Winners/Losers of the Rams vs. Bengals Game


The Rams looked great in their third preseason game and they were able to beat the Cincinatti Bengals 24-21. The starters looked very sharp, especially on the defensive side as they held the Cincinatti Offense to 7 points in the first half (The other 7 coming on a blown special teams punt coverage). Lets take a look at the winners and losers of the game:


RB Samkon Gado: Gado continued his roller coaster preseason with a solid game.  Gado ran for a touchdown and added a 2 yard touchdown reception.

QB Kyle Boller: Boller made a giant step today in pulling away from the pack as the backup QB.  He completed short pass after short pass, didn’t make mistakes, and led the Rams on some impressive drives.

S James Butler: Butler turned in quite possibly the best defensive performance of the season.  Butler logged 5 tackles and a fumble return for a TD.

CB Quincy Butler: The CB continues to impress as he picked off a Bengals pass and added a couple tackles.


All RB’s Who’s Names Don’t End In Gado, Jackson, or Ogbonnaya: It was a rough day for RB’s Antonio Pittman and Kenneth Darby. Neither established much of a rythym and failed to make any sort of significant impact.  Brutal?  Yes.  Well deserved?  During a heated battle for the RB position…yes.

Punt Return team: Eh, when a guy catches a ball in the middle of the field whilst being swarmed by Rams, that guy should not be doing a touchdown dance ten seconds later under any circumstances.  Whatever though, I guess they can all hope that the other hundreds of NFL free agents can’t tackle either.