Rams-Seahawks Post Game Wrap Up


Yesterday, the Rams showed how young of a team they are in a brutal 28-0 loss against the Seahawks. Despite a lot of things going right for the Rams, far too many things went wrong and in the end the team did not seem like they were not yet capable of playing as a single unit. Lets take a look at the bright side:

  • The defense proved that they can create oppurtunity, intercepting QB Matt Hasselbeck twice and forcing a fumble.
  • LB James Lauranaitis showed that he is ready to be a starter in this league.  He suffered an injury during the game, but it does not seem to be too serious and he should be ready to go.
  • CB Johnathan Wade looked great in his first start, making a few nice plays (including one that led to a James Butler interception.

However, you can’t list the great without at least touching on the bad side:

  • Richie Incognito needs to get his head straight.  The lineman commited 35 yards worth of penalties, all of which came when the Rams seemed to be gaining life on offense.
  • Qb Marc Bulger struggled to get in any sort of rhythm once again.  I wouldn’t doubt it if Spags is clueless as to what exactly it will take to get Bulger’s confidence back.
  • On what appeared to be the turning point in the game, the Rams returned a blocked kick for a touchdown.  However, the Rams were once again hurt by penalties, this time coming in the form of having 12 men on the field.  Spags blamed himself and also said the kick would have never been blocked if it wasn’t for the 12th man.

On a final note, Incognito remains the starter heading into the Redskins game.  I have faith in Spags, so I will not criticize this decision at all, I’ll just sit back and watch.