Rams Step Backwards In Brutal Loss to 49ers


As I slumped around my apartment shortly after the Rams’ ugly 35-0 loss my phone started ringing.  I glanced down and saw it was a text from my sister that read “Sooooo, how did St. Louis do today?  I can’t quite read the score.”  Oh, the feeling of hitting rock bottom began.  The Lions; they beat the Redskins in shocking fashion last week.  The Browns; they took the Bengals into overtime and nearly avoided a loss.  The Rams; they’ve been blown out in three of the four games they’ve played this year, and the only team they didn’t get blown out by (Redskins) have been playing terribly.

Its not that the Rams are a bad team and its not that Spags hasn’t been doing his job, in fact only one position has really been drastically underachieving this year.  If the Rams had been able to put some points on the board early, this game may have turned out very different, but unfortunately this team does not have a quarterback that will not only lead them on long drives, but finish them as well.  QB Kyle Boller struggled in his first start with the Rams and at one point I was hoping that they would give rookie Keith Null a chance to gain some experience.  Boller threw an aweful pass that deserved to be and was intercepted and returned for a touchdown by LB Patrick Willis and also couldn’t hang on to the ball as he fumbled a ball that was also returned for a touchdown.

Another thing to blame for this frustrating season is just flat out bad luck.  A bad hop on a 49er punt that bounced off of Quincy Butler’s heel gave the 49ers a huge momentum boost heading into halftime.  That, coupled with several stupid penalties by the Rams have led to an ugly defeat.

As far as getting back on track however, Spags will continue to be Spags, Steven Jackson will continue to be Jackson, and OJ Atogwe will continue to be OJ Atogwe.  Everyone else however really needs to step it up and bring an end to this streak of losses the Rams have provided.  Until the Rams start winning games, there will not be a winner’s attitude.  Right now the Rams are not going into the game with the same confidence as other teams, therefore they are in dire need of a few more players stepping up and making big plays.  Until then Rams fans, it appears we are in for a long season as Spags continues to rebuild this team into a respectable one.