An Ode To Greatness: Rams to Wear Throwbacks This Weekend


Okay quick trivia, when was the last time the Rams wore their Yellow and Blue jerseys? I’ll give you a hint, LB Mike Jones made the final play of the game the last time they were worn.

I sincerely hope you guessed Super Bowl XXXIV, I was only 8 when that game took place and I remember it. Anyways, here we are 10 years later and a lot has changed. I’m 18 now, the Rams have already lost more games this season then they did the entire 1999 season, and we do not have the greatest show on turf. Anyone miss the old days? I know I do.

Well this weekend the Rams will be looking to recapture some of that magic as they will break out the Yellow and Blue jerseys for the first time since Super Bowl XXXIV.  Lets hope they don’t turn in a performance that would ashame the 1999 team.