Headlines of the 38-10 Loss


So I’m going to try something new this week.  Rather than just give you a summary of the game and then call out a certain part of the team, I’m just going to cover the game in sections.  Anyways here we go.

The Rams are Sort of Bad

The Rams struggled the whole game on both sides of the ball and once again received a butt whooping in a 38-10 loss to the Vikings.  As if the offense and the defense didn’t struggle enough, penalties and plenty of fumbles to go around solidified another brutal loss for a Rams team that is desperate to see the ball role their way.  QB Kyle Boller dropped back to pass when the ball simply slipped out of his hand.  Insert Jared Allen and you have a fumble return for a touchdown that really set the Rams back.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, just when it appeared the Rams were headed to life TE Daniel Fells fumbled the ball inside the Minnesota 5 yard line to cap off yet another frustrating case of bad luck for the Rams.

Now I know I use the phrase bad luck a lot, but that doesn’t mean I’m blaming the entire Rams on some philosophical view of chance turned ugly.  Basically, if the Rams were playing better they’d be able to survive bad luck.  They have only been in the position to win a game once this season and WR Donnie Avery made sure that didn’t happen (Fumble inside the 5 yard line as well).  No more excuses for this Rams team, they need to pull their heads out of their…

Well you know.

Hey Marc!  Was that you!?!

At the end of the Vikings game we saw a brief glimpse of what QB Marc Bulger used to be.  He was very precise in hitting his targets and led his team to the endzone very quickly.  His final stats for the game consisted of 7/7 passing for 88 yards and 1 touchdown in about 5 minutes of playing time.  I’m not expecting Bulger to come back next week and be right back to his old self and throw for 350 yards a game, but it certainly was an encouraging sign from a guy who has been all but that over the last couple seasons.  QB Kyle Boller played okay, but he is not capable of sealing drives with solid throws in goal line situations.

Laurinaitis, Our Future

James Laurinaitis is quickly becoming one of the better players on this Rams’ defense as he has consistently been one of the Rams leaders in tackles the entire season, and yesterday he stepped up in a whole new kind of way.  With the Rams down and out, having no real pulse at all on either side of the ball, James picked off a Brett Favre pass and set the Rams up to get right back into position to win.  Unfortunately, the offense choked and his interception went to waste.  Never the less, he is quickly becoming one of the most consistent defensive players on this team and over time he could develop into a great linebacker.