This Whole Limbaugh Thing Has Become Quite A Mess


Last week it was reported that Rush Limbaugh had officially made a bid for the Rams along with Dave Checketts. In the small window of time since the story broke, it has been absolute chaos. So much so that I’ve actually become hesitant about posting anything on it out of fear that a drastically different viewpoint would emerge. Everyone is trying to force Limbaugh out of this bid, and it appears they were successful in doing so. Here is the short list of people highly against Limbaugh buying the Rams:

-NFL Union Leader DeMaurice Smith
-Al Sharpton
-Jesse Jackson
-Just about every major voice in the NFL

Therefore this week, Rush Limbaugh was officially removed from Checkett’s group which has created an opening, you know if any of you were considering buying the Rams. In very interesting news though, it appears Checkett’s group is considering adding on someone to his bid that you may have heard of:

Former running back Marshall Faulk.