Rams’ Chances Against the Colts


Let me start out by stating some simple, unavoidable facts.  The Indianapolis Colts are yet to be taken down this year with a 5-0 record.  The Rams on the other hand are yet to take anyone down with an 0-6 record.  The Colts currently have the longest winning streak in the league while the Rams haven’t won a game in more than a year.  If there was ever a more uneven matchup, this would be it.

However, you can never count a team out of a game, ever.  Last week the Philadelphia Eagles visited Oakland in what appeared to be a tune up game for the powerhouse Eagles.  In my fantasy league, I started Brian Westbrook, Donovan McNabb, and Jeremy Maclin expecting that trio to get me roughly 50-60 points alone.  However, the Raiders bent, bent, and bent some more, but they never broke.  They managed to keep the Eagles out of the endzone on numerous occasions and put up just a good enough offensive performance to pull off a victory.

It will all come down to the Rams defense standing strong mixed with the offense allowing the defense to catch their breath.  Last week against Jacksonville, the defense would only stay off the field for about five minutes at a time.

I asked my roommate what he thought the chances were and he explained it by saying “I have a better chance of winning the lottery.”  So if the Rams manage to pull off a win this weekend, you should probably consider going out and playing the lottery.