As Expected, Rams Are Embarrased by Colts


The Breakdown

Steven Jackson ran hard all throughout the game, racking up well over 100 yards.  Sadly, he was the only Ram who decided to show up, and St. Louis fell hard to the Indianapolis Colts 42-6.  Peyton Manning was Peyton Manning, Marc Bulger was…not Peyton Manning, and virtually anything the Colts wished to do, they did.

Will Witherspoon, You Will Be Missed

This Brandon Gibson guy better turn out to be a good receiver, because the Rams showed on sunday why Will Witherspoon was such a significant part of the defense.  The Rams struggled against the run, and they had no answer when it came to covering Dallas Clark.  Given they had about as perfect as coverage as you can have on his touchdown catch, but against Peyton, you need to be better than perfect.  Gibson did not play, but I’d expect he’ll be ready to go next week, where the angry mob caused by this trade will be watching closely.

Oh Bulger, Where Art Thou’?

Marc Bulger was finally starting to look like his old self again, but this weekend he took an immediate 180 degree turn for the worst.  Two interceptions (one which was returned for a TD) doomed the Rams passing game and left us all wondering “How will Sam Bradford’s shoulder hold up in the NFL?”

This Sunday Will Be Big

This sunday, the Rams will square off with the Detroit Lions in what may be their best shot at winning a game all season.  Now keep in mind the Lions have already won a game, and have not been easy outs on several occasions, so this will not be a cake walk.  The Rams are going to have to play great football against a Detroit team that is just as hungry for a win as the Rams are.