Rams Tumble Against Arizona


The Breakdown

The Rams could not overcome an aweful first half that saw them go down 21-3 heading into halftime, thanks to incredible passing by Kurt Warner and less than stellar tackling by the defensive unit.  The game started out well, with the Rams recovering a fumble deep in Arizona territory, but they could only manage a field goal, and it was all downhill from there.  Marc Bulger fumbled twice, threw an interception, and the offense struggled to put a whole lot of points on the board.  Steven Jackson struggled to get in going early, but he ended with another strong game, finishing with 116 yards and a touchdown.

Get Well Soon Kurt

As much as you hate the Cardinals, you can’t call yourself a Rams fan unless you have a certain special place in your heart for QB Kurt Warner.  Everytime he throws the ball, I think back to the years of the Greatest Show On Turf and I smile (of course, this is canceled out when I look at the Rams of today and simply frown to the point that the laws of physics no longer apply).  So to put it simply, yes I was sad to see him go down in the second quarter of the game with a head injury.  Especially since I’m one of the biggest USC haters on the planet (here’s looking at you Matt Leinart).  Regardless, I wish Kurt a speedy recovery, because if anyone deserves another Super Bowl ring, its him.

James Is Kind of A Beast

James Laurinaitis.  Okay hang on, before I get to talking about his performance in the game, I want to say something really quick.  We need to get this guy a nickname.  He is a rookie and I’ve already grown tired of typing out his name.  Any suggestions?  I would rather type supercalifraglisticexpialidocious fifty times than try and figure out where the I’s and the A’s go in his name.  So send in some suggestions for his nickname, it would be much appreciated.

On to the game, the rookie had 16 tackles.  SIXTEEN.  I mean yeah that is no record, but it is nice to finely have a sure tackler in the middle.  And you have to admit, it took guts to take down old teammate Chris Wells on several occasions, but I’m sure they are still on good terms.

That is all for today, be back tomorrow with mid week analysis.