Offense Struggles In Loss


The Breakdown

First off, the score.  The Rams lost 17-9.  The defense was good, but the offense made up for it.  Kyle Boller struggled to do anything and finished with just over 100 yards (113), including an interception and several missed throws.  Steven Jackson was the lone bright spot on the offensive side, rushing for 112 yards on 28 carries, but unfortunately was not able to find the endzone.

Defensively, the team looked great.  3 forced fumbles and 2 sacks headlined a very impressive performance, which only struggled on one drive to put pressure on Jay Cutler.

No Boller, No.

On several occasions this season Kyle Boller has looked good, but today he looked absolutely aweful.  Missing throws, lacking confidence, and just overall he just looked lost.  My guess on why he looked poor was the fact that he has been really blowing it in the red zone lately.  Last week he threw two crucial interceptions, and his confidence has to be shot now.

The Rams are going to need a new QB soon, because Bulger isn’t going to be around forever, and it is time to start grooming his replacement.  Anyone who believes Boller is the future of the franchise needs to go to their local doctor and pick up a dose of reality.  Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, and Jimmy Clausen are QBs to consider in the upcoming draft, but for a much cheaper price, I have another solution.  Which leads us to my next section.

Dennis Dixon?

First I want to state this is not currently being considered by the Rams, and in no way do I have any connection with the Rams front office.  I am merely a fan with a creative mind.  Dennis Dixon, the third string QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is very young (24) and showed signs of flash in his only start of the year against Baltimore (losing in OT by a field goal).  Dixon may have not looked like a pro bowl quarterback in the game, but with a season or two of being a second string quarterback, and more playing time to build up his confidence, I think he could become a pretty good quarterback.

Once again, this is absolute wishful thinking; do not get your hopes up.  Just think of the upside, he has the ability to make plays with his feet, something the Rams haven’t had in awhile.  So, let me ask you a question, why not?