Rams Embarrased In Loss


I believe I speak for all of Rams’ nation when I say its starting to get really old starting out every game summary with “Rams embarrased, Rams destroyed, Rams step backwards”.  Unfortunately, nothing changed this week as things just got worse.  If you wish to read the game summary, then please read on, however keep in mind this post is not for the faint of heart:

The Breakdown

First, the score.  The Rams lost to the Titans 47-7.  There was no typo in that statement.  Now before you throw out a sarcastic comment about how I shouldn’t be surprised because the Rams have been losing all year, let me remind you that lately they’ve been keeping games competitive for the most part.  However today, they looked pathetic.  Steven Jackson managed less than 50 yards, Chris Johnson tore the Rams to pieces everytime he touched the ball, and even injuring Vince Young falling prey to injury early in the game couldn’t save the Rams from being humiliated through the air as well (Kerry Collins 11/19 154 yards 1 touchdown).

Is Bulger This Important?

Marc Bulger remains on the sideline with a fractured leg and Keith Null looked like a rookie taking his place.  Null started out nice, but ended the day with 5, yes 5 interceptions.  It is starting to appear that Bulger was much more valuable than a lot of people were giving him credit for.  Now considering Bulger is nowhere near healthy it is time to start grooming a Quarterback.  I’ve already thrown the possibility of going for Dennis Dixon, but other options are Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, and Jimmy Clausen.  Needless to say, quarterback is this teams number 1 need right now (closely followed by Wide receivers)

Is This Team Really Moving Forward?

Look, I’m not one to judge a team on one game, but this game really had me wondering how far the Rams have come.  The defense looked aweful, the offensive line was dominated, and the receivers played very poorly.  I am not sure how Spags is going to handle all of this, but he really needs to get this team clicking again.  Offensively, this year is over.  Jackson is going downhill, Bulger is done for the season, and this team is really lacking motivation.  Defensively, pretty much the same.  This team is not looking good heading into next season.  The confidence isn’t there, the morale isn’t there, the heart isn’t there, and ultimately, this could leave Rams fans dreading the next couple seasons.  Excuse my pessimism, but today’s game summed up the season pretty well.