Snow Rain is falling, Christmas songs flood yo..."/> Snow Rain is falling, Christmas songs flood yo..."/>

If Spags Had A Christmas List…


Its that time of the year again.  Snow Rain is falling, Christmas songs flood your radio, the playoff picture is beginning to form, and children all around the world are starting to fill out their lists for Santa.  My Christmas list for instance consists of a wide variety of items from a Chris Long jersey all the way to a Ferrari (I’m not a strong believer in dreaming small in order to avoid dissapointment).  However the most selfless Christmas list will most likely be found under Steve Spagnuolo’s tree.  I’d imagine if we were able to cast our eyes upon the list, listing everything our fearless, yet beatable leader wishes for this team, it’d look something like this (Written in holiday red just for the time of the year):

Dear Santa,

Steve here!  Well as you know, my Rams aren’t exactly doing too well, but I feel we are just a few things short of turning it around and becoming a legitimate threat in the NFL.  I know it may seem pricey, but here is all I really want for Christmas:

-New legs for Steven:  He is one of the best runningbacks in the league, but since he is the only legitimate weapon we have, he has taken a beating this season and therefore is worn down.  He rarely practices now, and I feel he just needs that extra kick of energy to get back on track.

-Sam Bradford: Come on do I need to explain this one?  The only guy on this team who can throw the ball has a broken leg!  Sure Keith showed signs of potential yesterday, but did you see those interceptions?  Might as well have had me play quarterback.

-A Veteran Wide Receiver: We need someone to teach Brandon, Laurent, Donnie, Keenan, and all the other receivers the ropes.  If only we could have someone like Isaac Bruce come back for one last season, that would be superb.

A new Cornerback: Come on man, I need someone to be able to shut down the premier receivers.  Ron is good, but he is just not capable of covering guys like Randy Moss, Vincent Jackson, or any of those people.

Santa I realize this list is pretty pricey, but it is all necessary to become a legitimate contender in the NFC West again.  If any of this is delivered, I know we can be a far better team.

Steve “Spags” Spagnuolo

Feel free to send in your own Christmas request for the Rams.  I know there are plenty more, but those were the ones that are really sticking out to me right now (I doubt Steve would ask Santa to fire the coordinators.  If only).