Can The Rams Upset The Texans?



It is my job as a blogger to hand out the brutal truth about everything Rams related, regardless of topic.  Therefore, let me break down this game as honestly as possible for you.

OJ Atogwe, the player who I’d consider to be the heart and soul of the defense, is out for the year.  This defense has absolutely no identity, no MO, no real leadership.  Leonard Little and Chris Long have been solid on the line at times this season, but they can’t seem to get on the same page (Little shined early in the season, Long has been on fire recently).  James Laurinitis looks to be the future star of this defense, but at this point he is still a rookie, young and with lots to learn.

Kyle Boller, Keith Null, does it really matter?  This offense can’t move the ball at all, and if Steven Jackson is not able to rush for 100 plus, the offense really is screwed.  The receivers look lost, the line is really banged up, and the quarterbacks are just flat out terrible.  Null gets a free pass because he is only a rookie, but Boller is showing exactly why Baltimore let him go.

The Texans on the other hand have one of the best passing attacks in the league, capable of tearing any defense to shreds, which means they should have no problem picking the Rams apart.  Sadly, this could be the week that the Texans also get their running game back on track.  Our defense is vulnerable to any sort of running play, for reasons I can not fathom.

I love my Rams to death, I do not want to see anyone coming on here questioning my faith, I am just a realist.  I refuse to get my hopes up this saturday only to wake up to find the Rams are down by 14 or more less than a few minutes into the game.

Go Rams!  Give ’em hell this Sunday.  If you win, great.  If you lose, eh it won’t ruin my day.