Incognito Just Lost $50K


To be honest with you, I never wanted to have to type the name Richie Incognito ever again, but this news brought such a big freakin’ smile to my face that I couldn’t resist.

In what has got to be the first time I’ve ever agreed with Roger Goodell on anything, the NFL has fined Incognito $50,000 for the two headbutts he committed during the Titans game.  In the letter to Incognito, Goodell also stated that if Incognito keeps up this act, he will be more severely penalized (Oh please please please let it be a headbutt from Ray Lewis).

In an interview, Incognito made some of the most asinine statements I’ve ever seen from…well, a human being.  Here are a few comments (my response in Blue:

-(On Bills LB Kawika Mitchell’s strong dislike towards him) “I have a reputation around the league for being a less than model citizen.  Some guys on teams really dislike playing against me. So I can see where Kawika’s coming from.”

I would dislike playing against the guy too if I thought he were going to pull some of the crap he has pulled.  Headbutting?  I don’t care if it were my best friend who did it.  If someone headbutts me with the intent to cause harm, we’re going to have problems.

(On Kawika Mitchell being on the same team now): “I’ve probably done some cheap stuff to him in the past, but now we’re members of the same team and working towards the same goal”

Its almost as if he is proud of the fact that he plays dirty.  Now he thinks that because they are on the same team all is forgiven?  Richie, didn’t you ever hear to gain respect you have to give it?  Football is just a game.  You think when all these players retire they want to explain to their grandkids that they can’t function that well because some jerk with an attitude problem decided to throw a cheap shot after the whistle was blown?

That’s it, I’m done posting about this guy.  It can not be good for my health.  I hope he throws a few more cheap shots, therefore Goodell will have a reason to hand him a year long suspension.  Now that would be worth blogging about Richie again.

So in honor of Richie leaving, I must say “Half a league!  Half a league!  Half a league onward!”