The Season In Review


This season, as you all should know, was a very painful one. It all seemed to be a giant blur of crapiness mixed together with a touch of lack of talent. Lets take a look back:

The Beginning:

The hiring of Steve Spagnuolo had us all excited, and training camp only furthered the excitement.  The intensity of the team was up, and although the offense was missing several pieces, the promise of a healthy Steven Jackson leading the way seemed like the Rams were morphing into the next Baltimore Ravens.  It all just fell on to how the defense could perform with a whole new group of players.

Preseason went well, and the offense even showed a little bit of flash that had me thinking that although this team wasn’t super bowl bound, they certainly could make some noise.  However, once the regular season rolled around, it all came crashing down.  Out of the first four games of the season, the Rams were manhandled in three of them, and also suffered a tough loss to the Redskins which really set the tone for the rest of the season.

Not only were they losing games, but the Rams were also losing players at a rapid pace.  Adam Carriker, Laurent Robinson, OJ Atogwe, and Marc Bulger were a few of several players St. Louis lost for a large amount of games throughout the season.

The Middle:

The Rams managed to pull out a win against a badly injured Detroit Lions team, but that was all they could muster with a sub-par offense, a terrible secondary, and the inability to close out games.

The End:

Once again, the Rams went winless over the last few games and ended the season with a 1-15 record.  The highlight?  The defense played strong in the last game of the season, and held the 49ers to single digit scoring well into the third quarter.  However, neither Keith Null or Kyle Boller could do much with the Steven Jackson-less offense and the Rams failed to close out the season with a second win.


Although this team is in rebuilding, its obvious there is loads of work to do.  This year was more about getting out with the old, rather than getting in with the new.  This upcoming season, the rebuilding process should really begin to start.  With the Rams holding the first overall pick in the draft, they would most likely pick up Ndamukong Suh out of Nebraska considering Spags defensive background.  With rumors of Marc Bulger considering retirement however, I wouldn’t be too against the Rams trading down and taking a Qb (thats only if you, like me, believe that none of the QBs in the 2010 draft are worth the first overall pick and approximately $70 million).