Is Vick Barking Up the Wrong Tree?


That title’s not in bad taste, is it? Well either way, I have been getting a ton of questions about whether Michael Vick with be a Ram next season, so I thought I should make my opinion on the situation known. The team obviously needs a new quarterback for 2010, and it appears that Vick is interested in coming to the Gateway City. Would he be a good fit? The short answer is NO. I know Rams fans are excited about the possibility of Vick, and I know he would put butts in the seats, but he wouldn’t make us a better team. He did nothing last season to prove he is ready to be a starting NFL quarterback. If he was a free agent it would be different, but the Rams are not in a position to give up draft picks to get a guy who will be a mediocre stop-gap at best. We need a quarterback of the future, and Vick is not that guy. Even if the team doesn’t like any of the quarterbacks in this draft, there are better options out there. I’m still of the opinion that Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen are both poised to be very good NFL quarterbacks, but there are other guys already in the league who would be more worth a trade than Vick. St. Louis is already the laughingstock of the league, and bringing in the sideshow that is Mike Vick will only hurt our credibility even further. The team would be much better off drafting a quarterback and sticking with AJ Feeley as a mentor and Keith Null as a third-string project. For those of you who are still intrigued by Vick and what he had to say about the Rams, here is a link to his radio interview with the local ESPN affiliate in St. Louis from Tuesday.

Michael Vick Interview