Potential Owner Making Friends


Post-Dispatch writer Bernie Miklasz is reporting that potential new owner Shahid Khan has been making a good impression on many NFL big boys over the past few weeks as he awaits a vote from the league on his proposal to buy the team. Khan has reportedly been making his rounds meeting with other owners in an effort to convince the league that he is worthy of joining their fraternity, and apparently his efforts are not going unnoticed. If Khan is to buy the team, he will need three-fourths of the other owners to vote in his favor. While the league is still doing their due diligence looking into his background and finances, it is starting to look like his chances are good. The vote is expected to take place sometime in May, so we should know more in a few months. This is all good news for Rams nation, as Khan appears to be an excellent ownership option. He has made it known that he wants to keep the team in town, and by all accounts he is a fan of the Rams. He has watched several games at the dome, and it looks like this is more than just another business venture for the extremely wealthy Khan. It isn’t a done deal that he will get the vote, but if he does it will be nice to get this thing resolved so we can move on and focus on what is going down on the field. I will keep everyone updated on the status of this situation over the next few months, but with the owners’ meetings and the draft both coming up, don’t expect to hear much more on it until closer to May. Hopefully there won’t be any issues that could affect the team’s strategy going forward, but if anything happens I will make sure to let everyone know. Also, before I sign off, I just want to say congrats to the Northern Iowa basketball team and my buddy Lucas O’Rear for their big win today over top-overall seeded Kansas in the NCAA tourney. For any Mizzou fans out there, keep celebrating and hopefully the Tigers can keep the party going tomorrow against West Virginia.