Rams Sign More Former Giants


Continuing a fairly obvious trend that has developed since Steve Spagnuolo took over as head coach in St. Louis, the Rams signed two former Giants to contracts on Monday. Cornerback Kevin Dockery and tight end Darcy Johnson were both inked by the team for the 2010 season earlier today. Dockery should provide some nice depth in the secondary, but he likely won’t be much more than a nickel back and special teams player assuming the players in front of him stay healthy. Johnson will also be more of a depth player than anything this season, but he can block a bit when he gets a chance. These aren’t huge impact signings, but I find it hard to complain when the team is making a commitment to bring in more depth. If there’s one thing that killed us last season, other than the utter lack of talent on the team, it was the fact that we had absolutely nothing in the way of depth at any position. These guys are winners, and they will help the other players at their positions continue to transition into the schemes run by Spags. I have heard some people complain that the team is bringing in all of these castoffs from New York and Philly, but I disagree with those people. These guys are going to play the same or nearly the same role here as they did in their previous homes, and those teams were far better than the one we have here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing in guys who have won in this league, especially if you can get them without overpaying, which the team hasn’t done. We are rebuilding, but we are going to be be doing most of that work through the draft. I like what the team is doing so far, and as long as the draft goes well, which is admittedly far from a sure thing, we should be in much better shape heading into the 2010 season.

In other news from the owners meetings on Monday, the team also agreed to deals with defensive end James Hall and linebacker David Vobora. I like Hall, and while is isn’t an elite pass-rusher by any means, he is a good rotation guy who can make tackles and give you some good snaps. I know the coaches like Hall as well, so this move doesn’t surprise me a bit. Vobora was an exclusive rights free agent, so his one-year tender will assure that he is in St. Louis for at least one more season. I thought Vobora played well last season when he was on the field, and he should continue to improve as he spends more time in the league. The team has stayed busy over the last few weeks, so don’t be shocked if more players are brought in before the draft.