NFL Adopts New Overtime Rule


With things fairly quiet on the Rams front today, let’s focus on the biggest news to hit the NFL recently, the vote on the new overtime rule that passed today. NFL owners voted 28-4 in favor of the new rule that will not allow a team to win an overtime playoff game with a first drive field goal. The rule is a bit confusing, but the deal is pretty much that a team will not be able to win a playoff game by taking the opening kickoff, driving down the field, and then kicking a field goal. If a team does go for the three points, the opposing team will get the ball with a chance to answer. We have known for awhile that the overtime rule in the NFL is not good, and while this doesn’t solve all the problems, it is definitely a step in the right direction. The fact that a game could be decided by only one team touching the ball was ridiculous, and although that is still the case if said team scores a touchdown, at least now they have to earn it. If a team takes the kickoff and drives down to score a touchdown, I guess they deserve to get the win, although I would still like to see both teams get an opportunity to get the ball. Like I said, this new rule isn’t perfect, but at least it is better. The league will hold another vote in May to decide whether to adopt the rule for the regular season as well, and hopefully it will pass again, although the fact that it has already passed for the playoffs is the most important thing. It is a bit easier to swallow an overtime field goal loss in the regular season, but imagine a Super Bowl heading to overtime and a team taking the kickoff, completing one pass, getting a penalty on the defense, and kicking a field goal to win. That scenario is not acceptable, and it’s about time the league realized it. Unfortunately, it took last year’s NFC Championship game to really light a fire under the league.

This issue is far from over, as apparently the coaches and players are not very happy about not being included in this vote, so expect to hear plenty more about the new rule in the coming months. At least the league recognizes that a change needs to be made, and it just proves that they are not afraid to make changes when necessary. If anyone has any questions on the new rule, feel free to ask in the comments section and I will answer them to the best of my ability.