Internet Rumors are Flying


For anyone who spent some time surfing the net and checking out sports sights today, you have probably already heard the rumors. For anyone who isn’t aware, a story was released in a Philadelphia news publication today that the Rams and Eagles are close to a deal that would send quarterback Donovan McNabb to St. Louis is exchange for the 33rd pick in this year’s draft as well as safety OJ Atogwe. Before you start freaking out like I did, keep in mind that several upper-level Rams execs including GM Billy Devaney have denied the rumor, and Devaney went so far as to say that the team hasn’t had conversations with Philly on any of their players. I know the Rams have a bit of a poor track record when it comes to personnel decisions, but they couldn’t possibly be considering this deal. First, the team is committed to rebuilding through the draft, and giving up what I believe is the most important pick in this draft for McNabb is not following that plan. Also, how could we even consider throwing in our best defensive player and one of our only bright, young stars in Atogwe. If the team wants to rebuild around a strong defense, Atogwe is the one guy we should make sure we build it around. He is a star in the making, and there is no reason OJ shouldn’t be roaming the secondary for years to come.

Bringing in McNabb makes no sense, especially based on what it would take to get him. Why would we trade away picks to get a quarterback we can’t protect who is surrounded by little-to-no talent? This move would just set us back in the rebuilding process, and that is the last thing we need. The Rams aren’t ready to win next season, not even with McNabb at QB, but if we draft some impact players over the next year or two, we can get back to playoff contention. Nothing against the great Philly quarterback, but Donovan just isn’t a good for this team at this time.