Weekend Update Tidbits


Sorry for the lack of info over the last few days, but things have been pretty crazy around here as of late. To make up for it, I have a few different pieces of news to touch on today. First, I was watching Jim Rome is Burning on Thursday, and former Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce was a guest on the show. It was a fairly interesting interview, but the biggest surprise was when Pierce mentioned that he has talked to several teams about playing next season, most noteably the Rams. He seemed extremely interesting in reuniting with Coach Spags, much like every other former Giants free agents on the defensive side. Pierce is coming off a career-threatening injury, and he still hasn’t been medically cleared to return, but if he is healthy, he would be another nice veteran addition to a position of need. I’m not saying this is a done deal or anything, but it will be worth keeping an eye on over the next few months.

Moving on… Several NFL sources are claiming that the Rams have received good reports on the injured shoulder of potential top-pick Sam Bradford. Bradford will hold his pro-day on Monday, but early reports from renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews are that Bradford’s operation was less extensive than originally believed and that he should have no problem making a 100 percent recovery. In comparison, the report also indicated that Bradford’s injury was far less severe than Drew Brees’s a few years ago, and look how that turned out. As long as Bradford doesn’t completely bomb two days from now, I fully expect him to be under center in St. Louis next season.

Finally, on the free agent front, the Rams are still having conversations with RB Willie Parker and LB Na’ll Diggs on contracts for next season. While neither player would be a huge impact guy, both would provide an upgrade at their respective positions. I have written on Parker before, so you know where I stand there, but just to reiterate, I would be a big fan of that move. Diggs still has some game left in him, and we sorely need to get deeper at the linebacker position.