Rams to Give Colt a Look


According to ESPN’s James Walker, the Rams plan to hold a private workout with former Texas quarterback Colt McCoy at some point before the draft. I can’t say I’m overly surprised here, as the team is likely just covering all of their bases heading into one of the most important drafts in franchise history, but it is interesting to note that McCoy is starting to rise up draft boards a bit thanks to his excellent accuracy. Let’s be honest: Colt McCoy is no Sam Bradford. He is a bit undersized, he is coming off a shoulder injury (just like Bradford), and  he was reportedly less impressive at his pro day than the Oklahoma Sooner. Still, amidst reports that Bradford’s agent is steering him away from St. Louis, it can’t hurt to find out everything you can about McCoy.

Speaking of Bradford, his agent Tom Condon was a guest on 101 ESPN in St. Louis this afternoon and he denied that he is steering his client anywhere. For anyone who hasn’t heard, a report came out yesterday that Condon is steering Bradford to Washington instead of the Gateway city. I touched on that in my article on Monday, but the report was officially released yesterday. Anyway, Condon said in his interview today that he is doing no such thing, and that he has a good rapport with the Rams’ front office. Condon warned fans not to fall for smokescreens, and overall I thought he sounded very sincere. It can be hard to distinguish between fact and fiction in this age of media reports, but I will say I’m less nervous about Bradford’s status after hearing what Condon had to say. For anyone who missed it and wants to hear the interview in its entirety,  here is a link to the Condon interview and an interview with new DB Kevin Dockery. Enjoy!!

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