Thursday’s Radio Rundown


If you were in the St. Louis area this afternoon and had your radio tuned in to 101 ESPN, you were treated to a couple of excellent interviews on the Bernie Miklasz show. Bernie had Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, (accompanied by famed surgeon Dr. James Andrews) as well as Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. For anyone from out-of-town or for anyone who missed it, don’t worry because I will link to the audio clips at the end of the post. Also, instead of just posting the link and taking the easy way out on this one, I’m going to go ahead and recap both interviews in case anyone doesn’t have the time to check out the clips.

Bradford and the Doc joined the show at about 11:45, and Bernie didn’t waste any time getting to the important questions. Bradford said he had no preference on where he goes in the draft, and he would love to be the top pick. He also commented that he would welcome the challenge of taking over the rebuilding project here in St. Louis. Bernie also questioned the good doctor, and Dr. Andrews said he hasn’t worried about Bradford’s shoulder for several months. Andrews gave Bradford’s injury full clearance, and he indicated that the Rams have nothing to worry about regarding the injury.

Colt McCoy joined the show at about 1:15 and promptly said that he believes he is the best quarterback in this draft. He also said that he would welcome the opportunity to play in St. Louis, and he has heard nothing but good things about the organization from his former college teammate Chris Ogbonnaya. He sounded excited for the upcoming draft, and he is ready to begin his career as an NFL quarterback.

Those were just brief recaps of what the two QB’s had to say, but here is the link to both interviews in their entirety. To sum it all up, Bradford sounds sincere about wanting to come to St. Louis, and I feel much better about his status after this interview and the one with agent Tom Condon yesterday. Also, McCoy seems ready to put the National Championship behind him and move on to the next level. He is confident, which I like, and if something were to happen (like an excellent trade opportunity), I could see the Rams taking a serious look.

Bradford & McCoy Interviews