Mr. McNabb Goes to Washington


Happy Easter everyone! I was planning on taking the day off and celebrating the holiday, but that was until the monster trade news hit the airwaves. The Eagles have officially traded Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins in exchange for a second rounder (37th overall) this year and either a third or fourth next year. Obviously this isn’t Rams news, but St. Louis will be greatly affected by this deal. For those of you who have been hoping the team would look to trade down out of that top overall pick, (and I know that’s plenty of you) this trade pretty much kills any chance of that happening. The Skins needed a new QB, and now that they have him, there isn’t really anyone else in desperate need at the position, or at least not desperate enough to give up the pieces it would take to trade up to the top of the draft. Nothing is a sure thing these days, but this is just another in what has become a series of events that all point to Sam Bradford making his home in St. Louis next season.

For those of you who are still looking trades, I’ve been hearing some rumors that the team may be looking to move out of the top of the second round. I have discussed the importance of this pick previously, and it looks like the team might be interested in shopping that pick to try to get a few more selections. This isn’t a big news flash, but don’t be shocked if something interesting happens between the first and second days of this draft. I am very much in favor of making a move here as long as we get the right amount of value for the pick, but much of it will depend on who is still available and what other teams are willing to offer. It is at least something to keep an eye on as the best weekend in sports approaches.