Rams Part Ways with Bulger (Finally!!)


There wasn’t much of a chance that Marc Bulger would be the starting quarterback for the Rams next season, but now we can be absolutely sure, as the team announced the release of the veteran QB earlier this afternoon. Bulger had worn out his welcome in St. Louis over the past few seasons, and both sides need to move forward after the struggles over the last few seasons. I have never had anything against the guy personally, and I think it seems very likely that he goes someplace else this season and has a  nice year, but it was fairly obvious that he was done in St. Louis. It seems a bit interesting to me that the team made the move today, but it appears as if the Rams were keeping Bulger on the roster in case they could work a trade for the top pick. With the McNabb-to-Washington trade yesterday, it looks like the Rams are committed to picking number one and to taking Sam Bradford. Once again, every move that is being made within the organization right now points to Bradford being the guy, but the team better be absolutely sure that they can get him signed in a reasonable amount of time. If Bradford ends up holding out, we could be in even worse shape next season than we were this year. Any insurance that the team had by keeping Bulger is now gone, so it’s up to the front office to get the deal done.

For any Bulger fans still out there, you may be wondering where he will end up next season. I haven’t heard any destinations mentioned yet, but here is something to think about. Arizona doesn’t seem overly confident that Matt Leinart is the answer there, and Derek Anderson isn’t a great quarterback either. Bulger would be an excellent fit in that offense much like Kurt Warner was over the last few seasons. I’m not saying the Cards are interested, but in my opinion it would be an excellent fit and it would be somewhat poetic if he followed in Kurt’s footsteps yet again. Speaking of Kurt, I am watching the Arizona D-Backs game on TV right now, and Kurt is doing an interview in the booth. He threw out the first pitch today, and he looks to be enjoying retirement very much. The pitch was a ball, by the way. I guess even the heavenly Kurt Warner is a little less that perfect every once in a while.