Is Haynesworth Really a Possibility?


One thing I love about the offseason in the NFL is that there are new rumors coming out almost every day. Now most of these rumors never even come close to seeing the light of day, but it is still fun and interesting to talk about them and discuss the positives and negatives of the potential move. The latest Rams rumor is one of these interesting stories that doesn’t seem likely but isn’t out of the realm of possibility. ESPN’s John Clayton mentioned that the Redskins have been shopping DT Albert Haynesworth to several teams around the league, and he went on to say that there may be some interest in sending Haynesworth to St. Louis in exchange for Adam Carriker and a draft pick. If you are thinking this deal is too good to be true, that’s because it probably is. Or maybe not. For whatever reason the Skins seem to like Carriker, and he is a much better fit in their scheme than he is here. Obviously they have no problem getting rid of Haynesworth, as they reportedly had him as a part of the McNabb deal early in the process. Finally, from what I understand, Haynesworth would be affordable if we acquired him in a trade. You have to wonder why the Skins are running him out of town after just one season, but his talent is undeniable and in the right scheme he has the ability to transform a defense. I know Spags is big on character and the Four Pillars, but at some point you have to be willing to take on a guy with some issues if his talent is enough to compensate for it. If this offer ends up being on the table at some point, it would be foolish for the Rams to pass. Now back to reality… this is probably never going to happen, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

One more little free agent tidbit: The Rams plan to host former Broncos’ running back Ryan Torain on April 21. Torain is a guy who has loads of talent, but he has been unable to stay on the field during his short NFL career. He was drafted by the Broncos in 2008, but injuries have prevented him from making any kind of impact thus far. If the Rams decide to take a chance on him, it would be a minimal risk move that could provide great rewards if he can stay healthy.