Browns Desperately Seeking Sam?


For those of you who are like me and enjoy a good NFL draft rumor, here’s the latest involving the Rams and the top pick. During his team’s pre-draft presser earlier Thursday, Cleveland Browns GM Tom Heckert told the media that his team has had talks with St. Louis about the number one overall pick. Heckert went on to say that he has talked with many different teams regarding their picks, but anyone who doesn’t believe the Browns would love to get Sam Bradford is kidding themselves. The current QB’s on the Browns roster include Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace. Yes, that’s not a typo. Those are really their quarterback options. Kinda makes you feel a little better about our situation, doesn’t it? Also, Mike Holmgren is the quarterback guru and you can bet he would enjoy drafting a guy who some people think is a once-in-a-generation talent. I can guarantee you that the Browns would be very interested in moving up to our spot, but there doesn’t seem to be any way the team will give up the necessary pieces to move to the top.

In light of this news, the guys over at “The Fast Lane” radio show at 101.1 ESPN in St. Louis did some role playing this afternoon on what it would take to get our pick. Randy Karraker played the role of Rams GM Billy Devaney and former Rams defensive lineman D’Marco Farr served as Browns GM Heckert. Karraker suggested that it would take a package of: the Browns picks in Round 1 (No. 7 overall), Round 2 (No. 38 overall), Round 3 (No. 71 overall), Round 3 (No. 85 overall), Round 3 (No. 92 overall) Round 4 (No. 105 overall), LT Joe Thomas and WR/KR Josh Cribbs
in exchange for the first overall pick and LT Alex Barron. Needless to say, the Browns wouldn’t give up anything close to this deal. There is no way Cleveland will part with Thomas, for starters. This guy is a franchise tackle, and he is quickly becoming one of the best in the game. There is also no way the team would hand over six picks in exchange for one, even if it would land them Bradford. Keep in mind that this was just a fun exercise, and there has been no talk of what it would actually take the Browns to get that pick, but I’m interested in what you think. If you have an extra minute, hit up the comments section and let everyone know what you would ask for in return if you were Rams GM. For the record, I would take the Browns first, second, and fourth this season and their first next season for the pick, which I know is still a pretty high asking price, but it is significantly less than Karraker asked during his role playing game.