Rams 2010 Schedule Released


The schedule release day has become quite a spectacle, and while I think it’s pretty crazy that there is five hours of coverage on two different networks, (ESPN, NFL Network) I have to admit that I’m a sucker for it like everyone else is. We already know who our opponents will be, but now we know the order in which we will play them. Below is the Rams 2010 schedule in its entirety with some commentary on a few of the match-ups.

Rams 2010 Schedule

Week 1 – Cardinals at Rams – 4pm

Week 2 – Rams at Raiders – 4pm

Week 3 – Redskins at Rams – 4pm

Week 4 – Seahawks at Rams – 1pm

Week 5 – Rams at Lions – 1pm

Week 6 – Chargers at Rams – 1pm

Week 7 – Rams at Bucs – 1pm

Week 8 – Panthers at Rams – 1pm

Week 9 – Bye

Week 10 – Rams at 49ers – 4pm

Week 11 – Falcons at Rams – 4pm

Week 12 – Rams at Broncos – 4pm

Week 13 – Rams at Cardinals – 4pm

Week 14 – Rams at Saints – 4pm

Week 15 – Chiefs at Rams – 1pm

Week 16 – 49ers at Rams – 1pm

Week 17 – Rams at Seahawks – 4pm

Some interesting notes here:

1. No primetime games again this season (although we probably don’t deserve one)

2. There are nine late games and seven early games (That’s what happens when you play in the NFC West)

3. I love our non-divisional home games (Skins, Bolts, Panthers, Falcons, Chiefs)

  •  McNabb and co. in Week 3 will be a fun one
  •  Chargers and Panthers are both teams we don’t get to see often
  • Matt Ryan vs. Sam Bradford (maybe) could be interesting
  • It’s always fun when the Chiefs come to town

4. Overall, I have to say I don’t think this is the most daunting schedule of all time. There are some winnable games in there (Lions, Raiders, Bucs, Chiefs) and with our weak division, I really think there is some potential to take a major step forward this season. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.