Options in the Second Round


Well, the first round is officially in the books, and to say there were some surprises is an understatement. Jimmy Clausen is still available, so all of you Suh people will surely be second-gussing the Bradford pick even more now. The fact is, nobody could have predicted Clausen would fall out of the first round, and you can’t expect something like that to happen. We have Bradford, and now it’s time to look ahead to the second round. Once again, the Rams are on the clock, but this pick is much less certain than the first one. I have said this before, but I think we are going to trade back here, and the fact that Clausen is still around just makes those chances even better. With Minnesota picking right behind us, someone is going to want to move into our spot to secure the services of the Notre Dame QB. At this point, I will be surprised if we make the pick at the top of the second round.

Now, let’s look at some remaining players who would be a good fit. With my boy Demaryius Thomas off the board, which has me completely bummed out by the way, this pick is wide open. I am a big fan of WR Arrelious Benn,

and I think he could be a very real possbility. He is similar to Thomas in size, but he doesn’t have quite the speed. Still, he is a first round talent and would upgrade our receiving corps. Another possibility would be Everson Griffen, DE from USC.

It’s no secret that our pass rush isn’t very good, and he could provide an excellent option opposite Chris Long. DT Brian Price would make some sense, but after the trade of Adam Carriker I have to wonder if we feel like DT is a great need. Same goes for Terrence Cody, DT from Alabama. Sergio Kindle is there as well, but h has some character issues that might scare us away.

My prediction, although it will almost certainly be wrong, is that we trade back a few spots and pick Arrelious Benn, but I wouldn’t be shocked by anything at this point. It was a crazy one tonight, and I expect much of the same tomorrow.