Running Draft Blog


6:29 Ok, here we go people. The draft is less than five minutes away, and nothing has been announced as of yet. The Browns are still trying to get our top pick, but I haven’t heard anything yet that would indicate a trade is coming. As of right now, it looks like Sam Bradford is still our guy. I will continue keeping everyone updated, so stay tuned.

6:34 The draft has begun and the Rams are officially on the clock…

6:37 The pick is in… The Rams select Sam Bradford! Not a surprise, but I’m just happy that it is finally official.

6:45 The Lions select Ndamukong Suh #2. Another no-brainer here with this pick.

6:51 The Bucs select Gerald McCoy#3. There haven’t been any surprises so far, but I expect that to change soon.

6:58 The Skins select Trent Williams #4. Another Big 12 guy with plenty of upside, but I would have liked Okung here.

7:04 Eric Berry on the phone, says he’s going to the Chiefs. A bit of a surprise this high, but he looks like the real deal.

7:13 Russell Okung to the Seahawks. They have to be ecstatic that he was available at 6. Potential franchise tackle.

7:20 Michael Smith says he thinks Browns will go with Joe Haden. This would be the biggest surprise so far if it happens.

7:23 Haden to Cleveland. They could have gotten him a bit later I think, but maybe nobody wanted to trade up.

7:28 Raiders didn’t waste much time. Rolando McClain goes to Oakland. Thought they might go tackle here, and this may be a bit high here as well. McClain is legit, though.

7:30 Bills go quick as well. CJ Spiller is the pick. I’m surprised again, with Lynch and Jackson already in town.

7:37 Jags go for Tyson Alualu at 10. Another reach, but the guys they liked are gone (Spiller, McClain)

7:38 First trade of the night. Broncos trade #11 pick to 49ers. Teams swap firsts and Den gets a 4th (113 overall) in return

7:43 Niners take Anthony Davis. They have liked him all along and didn’t want anyone else to get him.

7:45 Dolphins trade 12 to Chargers. Expect plenty more moves throughout the first round.

7:49 Chargers trade up to get Ryan Mathews. They needed a compliment to Sproles, so nice pick here.

7:50 Broncos move again, this time trade pick to Eagles. Pick has to be Earl Thomas here. Philly loves him

7:57 I was wrong (big shocker, I know) Eagles take Michigan’s Brandon Graham. Stud pass-rusher. Go Blue!

8:03 Seahawks up again. I hate typing Seattle’s picks. Earl Thomas is the pick. Another good one for the Hawks. Unfortunately.

8:12 Giants on the clock. Take Jason Pierre-Paul, pass-rusher. Giants needed someone to pressure QB

Sorry about the break. The network is getting some excelent traffic, and the servers are working slowly.

Quick rundown of the picks I missed: Derrick Morgan to Tenn (excellent value), Mike Iupati to SF (they really want to solidify that line), Maurkice Pouncey to Pitt (more line help), and Sean Weatherspoon (fills a need with a solid player. Mizzou!)

8:37 Back on track. Texans select CB Kareem Jackson. A little high in my opinion, but he fills a need.

8:40 Jermaine Gresham to the Bengals. Called this one in the mock. Their TE production was awful last season

8:42 Pats trade pick to Broncos. I’m thinking Dez Bryant here finally, but who knows?

8:45 Broncs take Demaryius Thomas. I am devastated. I wanted him badly at 33

8:50 Packers get Bryan Bulaga. They have to be jumping for joy that he fell. I think I just heard Aaron Rodgers scream for joy.

Cowboys trade up to get Dez Bryant. Great move here for Jerry Jones.

9:09 Broncos take Tim Tebow. Wow. Say it backwards with me. WOW. Clausen is still there and they traded up to get Tebow. Really.

9:15 Cards pick Dan Williams. Another guy that fell farther that I thought he would. Another good pick for a division foe.

9:23 The Pats pick Devin McCourty from Rutgers. Great speed but not a huge playmaker. I think Kyle Wilson is a better player.

9:29 Phins go for Jared Odrick. Big Ten Defensive POY last season. Should be a very good NFL player.

9:36 Kyle Wilson to the Jets. Excellent pick here, and let me say I think the Jets are going to be very, very good next season

9:39 Vikings on the clock. Clausen a possibility here, and he would be an outstanding pick for the Vikes

9:44 Vikings trade the pick to Lions. No Clausen here. Looks like Jahvid Best is the pick. I like this one for the Lions very much

9:54 Colts take TCU’s Jerry Hughes. Thought he might be an option for the Rams at 33, so much for that

10:03 With the last pick of the night, the Saints select Patrick Robinson

That’s it for the running draft blog. Stay tuned for a look at possibilities for the Rams in the second round.