Who’s Next for the Rams?


I have to admit that I was mildly surprised by the pick of Rodger Saffold at 33, not because he isn’t a good player, but because I really thought we would trade out of that spot. The truth of the matter is that the team had Saffold ranked high on their board and they felt he was too good a value to pass up. It’s not who I wanted, but I understand the pick and it’s hard to argue with getting a first rounder with very few questions in the second. So… who is next on the list. We pick again tonight at thetop of the third, and I really think it’s a safe bet that a skill player is the choice. Golden Tate is still out there right now, but I doubt he makes it to us unless we trade up. A guy I like even more is Brandon LaFell from LSU. He has nice size and athleticism, and I think he would be an excellent weapon for Sam Bradford. A lesser known WR is Carlton Mitchell from South Florida, a guy I’m very high on. He is huge at 6-4, but he also has great speed and is a former track star. He isn’t as polished as LaFell, but there is a ton of upside. This pick almost has to be a receiver or a tight end, so expect one of those two positions to be the choice. Some tight ends to watch out for include Ed Dickson from Oregon and Aaron Hernandez from Florida.