Westbrook A Possibility for Rams


One story that kind of got lost a big over the draft weekend was former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook coming to town to meet with the Rams and to take a physical. Westbrook was one of the elite backs n the league just a couple of years ago, but injuries have him currently looking for work. Now before everyone starts freaking out thinking about the Steven Jackson/Brian Westbrook tandem running wild next season, here are some things to think about. First, this isn’t the Brian Westbrook that everyone remembers from his days in Philly. He is 30 years old, which might not seem bad, but it is near ancient in running back years. Add to that fact that he is coming off some serious injuries last season, and this guy is far from a premiere back. With that being said, he won’t be expected to come in here and be the main guy, and I think he could be very dangerous in limited time and specific situations. Another reason not to rush out and buy your Westbrook jersey just yet is that he left town without a deal and is currently at home considering his options. While that might not sound like a big deal, think about this: Does a veteran like Westbrook really want to come to a team that has no chance to win next season. Normally, a guy with the resume of Westbrook goes to a contender for his final seasons (see Tomlinson, LaDanian) and I guarantee he would like another shot at a Super Bowl. The question is, who else wants him? Some teams have shown interest, but right now it looks like the Rams are the only serious team in the sweepstakes. I could see him shopping himself to other teams over the next few weeks, and if nothing materializes, then deciding to sign with the Rams. I wouldn’t expect a decision in the coming days.

I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t like Westbrook or don’t think he would be a good fit, because it’s not like that at all. I think he could have an excellent season here, and we would be a much better team with him backing up Jackson instead of Kenneth Darby or some of the other mediocre backs on our roster. I just want everyone to realize that this thing is far from a done deal, and there are several factors working against the Rams. I will continue to monitor the situation and make sure everyone stays updated.