Sam Bradford Chat


I have been extremely busy today, so sorry for the late post and also a preemptive apology for this post being a little bit short. Not much big news coming out of Rams camp today, bu new quarterback Sam Bradford did participate in a chat with the fans on the team’s website today. I will link the entire thing below but here are some highlights. Bradford said that in his first year as a starter he played under center more than half of the snap he took that season, and he said he is comfortable playing in that capacity. He went on to say that he only took about 30-35 percent of the snaps under center as a sophomore, but at least he feels comfortable taking snaps, which I know has been a concern for many fans. He also said that he plans to call Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan to pick his brain about what it’s like making the transition to the NFL. I think this is a smart move, as any information Ryan will give to make the transition easier will benefit the Rams. Finally, Bradford mentioned that he has already made phone calls to rookies Rodger Saffold and Mardy Gilyard. He better become fast friends with those two, because he will need them both to become good NFL players if he plans to be successful. Those are just a few highlights, and here is the link to the interview in its entirety.

Sam Bradford Live Chat

In another quick note, Seattle offensive tackle Walter Jones officially retired today. He was a great player for many years, and while I will congratulate him on a great career, I have to admit that I’m happy we don’t have to see him twice a year anymore.