It’s Rumor Time!


For those of you who are regular visitors to the site, you know how much I love a good Rams rumor. A story has been floating around the net today that the team is exploring a trade with the Cowboys that would send OT Alex Barron to Dallas in exchange for linebacker Bobby Carpenter. As far as rumors go, I am loving this one. I know I have backed Barron in the past, and I still think he can be a quality NFL tackle, but this trade would benefit both sides. With the selection of Rodger Saffold this year and Jason Smith last year, we seem to be set for the future at the position. On the other hand, we are extremely thin at linebacker, especially on the outside, and Carpenter would be an excellent fit with this club. He was teammates with MLB James Laurinaitis in college at Ohio St., and he is a hard-nosed kid who works his butt off every day. His career has been a bit of a disappointment thus far, but working with Coach Spags could certainly give his play a boost. Once again, this is just rumor and hearsay, but I think the Rams should seriously look into the possibility of making this deal. Keep your eyes peeled, and I will continue to watch and update everyone if something comes of this talk.

Rams writer Jim Thomas spent a good chunk of time with Bernie Miklasz on Bernie’s radio show today, and he touched on several issues with the team including the rumor, ownership issues, and Sam Bradford. I don’t have a link to the audio yet, but I’ll get it posted by tomorrow, so stay tuned.