Spags Bringing In Madison To Help Corners


The Rams are in the midst of a major youth movement right now, and there is little doubt that several positions could benefit from some veteran tutelage this summer. It looks like the cornerbacks will be getting just that during OTAs, as Coach Steve Spagnuolo has invited veteran Sam Madison to come and work with the young DBs over the next few weeks. Madison was a dominant NFL corner for 11 seasons, and he was one of the best press coverage guys to put on the helmet over his career. He played for Spags with the Giants, and needless to say, he was a perfect fit. I don’t know how much Madison will help our young corners, but this can’t be a bad move.

Madison is a smart guy who knows the position and, more importantly, knows exactly what Spags expects from his corners. I am high on the guys we have right now, and I think Ron Bartell, Justin King, Bradley Fletcher, and Jerome Murphy could all be very good players in this league. Madison could be the guy to get these young players over the hump, and at the very least he will provide a different voice, a guy who isn’t a “coach” in the traditional sense. As someone who has played sports my entire life, I know that sometimes players can drown the coach out a bit when he repeats the same things over and over again. Some of the best advice I got during my playing years was from other guys on the team, because you take what they say in a different way. I wouldn’t expect some hug transformation from all of our corners just because Sam Madison talks to them a few times, but if he can say one thing to one guy that helps him become a better player, then this experiment was a major success.